Work Culture

Cross Country Infotech is proud of its friendly yet professional environment. We create fertile grounds for our employees so they can provide creative and innovative solutions to our clients. Our balanced HR policies ensure a sense of equilibrium, openness, and a respectful work setting. The open-door policy that our top management follows allows employees to feel safe and secure and employ outside-the-box thinking to explore ideas freely. Part of this approach is our monthly Open House meet, which resembles a powwow of CCIans. The meet gives each of us a chance to know and appreciate various happenings and project developments in the company during the past month. Apart from this, the Open House is also a great platform to congratulate new hires and celebrate birthdays and anniversaries of CCI employees.

Employee Recognition

Employee Recognition is an integral part of our work culture and we go to great lengths to recognize those who deserve accolades. Award certificates, a peer-to-peer appreciation platform based on points, and other creative competitions during festivals are just some of the ways we congratulate our employees. CCIans participate enthusiastically and enjoy the offbeat recreation thoroughly. At times, extraordinary achievements also receive Certificates of Appreciation, which the recipients proudly display in their workstations.
We know the positive changes that employee appreciation brings about in organizations and therefore adhere to it religiously. Receiving just honors helps boost self-esteem of employees and instills in them genuine pride about the company and their work. Since an organization is as strong as its weakest link, we make sure to express gratitude to each and every employee. However, with so many innovative and hard-working individuals under one roof, it is often the judging that becomes the most difficult of tasks!

Our Infrastructure

Cross Country Infotech is located right in the heart of Pune in Aundh – a place famous for various modern and innovative places of recreation and indulgence. Our office echoes our philosophy and hence is equipped with a host of modern facilities to ensure a comfortable work environment. Our building includes a spacious cafeteria, recreation lounge and state of the art office equipment.

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